The WCOM™ glossary is a selection of the Words of Excellence, the most technical terms and their specific definitions in the Operations world.
>PKE (Process Kaizen Engineer)
A manager of an organization who has been trained on the major subjects within the Operations World (Problem Solving, Quality, Maintenance, Industrial Engineering and Operations Management) to develop the abilities required to rapidly achieve excellent results.

Such abilities are the identification and qualification of Company Losses to develop opportunities through improvement projects, the implementation of new methodologies to achieve Excellence, the development of Leadership to effectively drive the teams, the fluency in all the organisational languages, from the Practical Language to the Top Management Language.

He / she is a key person in the "Improvement Phase" of the WCOM process.

Efeso trains this person from among the customer's employees through WCOM™ Builders Training (specifically a five-module Training for Process Kaizen Engineers).